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About Us

The SemiTorr Group, Inc. is a leading Sales and Distribution company supporting the Semiconductor/Microelectronic, Life Sciences and Industrial Markets. Founded in 1988, our headquarters are located in Tualatin, Oregon with 8 distribution centers located across the country.

At SemiTorr, we believe in providing the best products, and giving our customers outstanding service and support.  Effectiveness stems from the experience of our Technical Sales staff coupled with a dedicated Inside Sales support team.  We pride ourselves on assisting our customers find the right solution.  Our customers can trust our Solutions approach to sales.  Whether a standard or custom product, we are here to provide the guidance and support you need.

Company History:

In 1988 SemiTorr was founded in Portland, OR to serve the northwest as a manufacturers’ representative organization with a focus on high purity applications/industries. Beginning in 1995 we began to expand into California, Utah and the southwest and expanded our offering to include distribution products. As we advance forward to today, we have not only broadened our locations (8 distribution centers) but have broadened the markets we support to include Life Sciences and Food and Beverage.