MSP Vaporizers for Deposition Processes

High Purity/Gas & Liquid Delivery/MSP Vaporizers for Deposition Processes

 MSP Liquid Injection Turbo-Vaporizers are designed to introduce precise quantities of organometallic precursor materials to key steps in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Our equipment is fundamental to many of the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems in use today by the leaders of the semiconductor community.

In addition, our unprecedented filtration equipment (100% 316 stainless steel, 99.999999% efficient) keeps unexpected and unwanted foreign material, even at the trace level, from entering the manufacturing vacuum equipment.

Overview of Products

  • 2800 Turbo-Vaporizer
  • 2820 Turbo-Vaporizer
  • 2800PE Turbo-Vaporizer
  • 2820PE Turbo-Vaporizer
  • 2830PE Turbo-Vaporizer
  • 2840PE Turbo-Vaporizer
  • 2841PE Turbo-Vaporizer
  • Liquid Flow Controllers & Sensors
  • Vapor-Process Gas Filters

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