HIS Innovations Vacuum Valves

High Purity/Valves/HIS Innovations Vacuum Valves

HIS Innovations Group, established in 1979, is a premier manufacturer and distributor of custom and off-the-shelf high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum stainless steel components and systems. We support our customers in the semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical, aerospace and defense, government research laboratories, and other industries.

Overview of Products

  • KF Flanges
  • ISO / ISO-KF Flanges
  • Weld Fittings
  • 304 & 316 Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Clamps
  • Centering O-Rings
  • Specialty O-Rings
  • Valves
  • Chambers
  • CF Flanges
  • Metal Bellows / Hoses
  • Valves
  • Custom Manifolds
  • Heater Jackets

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