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NOV-FGS / Fiberglass Systems

NOV-FGS / Fiberglass Systems

Fiber Glass Systems leads the world in supplying piping systems to a multitude of applications and service conditions. Whether centrifugally cast or filament wound, epoxy or vinyl ester, we have the product and process to provide a fit-for-purpose system for every need. Fiber Glass Systems has also taken on the technical leadership role in developing industry specifications and regulations (A.S.T.M., A.N.S.I., A.S.M.E., etc.) to assure performance standards are established and maintained. All Fiber Glass Systems manufacturing facilities have registered Quality Systems according to ISO 9001 requirements.

Fiber Glass Systems pipes and fittings address a broad range of service demands, from transferring water to handling concentrated chemical solutions and abrasive materials. When conditions involve elevated temperatures or pressures, our pipes manufactured with thermosetting resins meet the challenge. Unequalled global positioning and capacity ensure the right product is delivered on time with support services available.

Overview of Products

  • Red Thread
  • Green Thread
  • Centricast CL
  • Centricast RB
  • Z-Core
  • Ceram Core
  • F-Chem
  • Silver Streak
  • Fiberspar

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