Valex High Purity Weld Fittings

Since the beginning of the semiconductor industry, Valex has been there – supplying the highest grade stainless steel tube, pipe, and fittings to the most respected names in the industry. After four decades of making microchip-grade fluid system components, we’ve streamlined and fine-tuned our processes to consistently deliver quality and reliability, while maintaining value. Our […]

Ham-Let Compression Fittings

OVERVIEW OF PRODUCTS Product Downloads LET-LOK Compression Tube Fittings WELDLINE Fittings ONE-LOK Single Ferrule Fittings SAE37 Degree Flare Fittings

Entegris Drum Quick Connectors

The patented Sentry® QCII & QCIII Quick Connect System comprises a key-coded dispense head (DH) and drum insert (DI) that self-align, simplifying the assembly process significantly. OVERVIEW OF PRODUCTS Product Downloads Sentry® QCIII Quick Connect System Sentry® Quick Connect III System Ordering Guide Sentry® Quick Connect II System Ordering Guide

Entegris PFA & Plastic

Entegris offers industry-leading products, including a complete line of tube and pipe fittings for use in fluid handling systems. These fittings provide clean, robust, leak-free connection technology for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. OVERVIEW OF PRODUCTS Product Downloads PrimeLock® Fittings Flaretek® Tube Fitting Heated Flare & Assembly Procedures Quikgrip® Tube Fittings Cynergy® System Product Catalog Dual […]