TRUMPF Huttinger

Some companies are simply a perfect match for each other because they have similar cultures, their business fields complement each other, or because they share a common vision. just like in the case of TRUMPF Hüttinger and TRUMPF. A leading laser and engineering company meets the top process energy provider. From the very outset, the special feature of this relationship was that TRUMPF Hüttinger focused on maintaining its strengths to ensure continuous development: flexibility, innovative strength, and the ability to make quick decisions. TRUMPF Hüttinger has sales and service subsidiaries in Europe, America, and Asia and has long-term objectives that can only be achieved with long-term, intensive customer relationships. or as the saying goes at TRUMPF Hüttinger: through generating confidence!

The plasma generators from TRUMPF Hüttinger provide the process stability required for many high-tech industries and make functional coating of solar cells and microchips possible, as well as coating of large surfaces of architectural glass and the manufacture of semi-conductor elements and flat screens. They are some of the front runners on the market thanks to their outstanding precision, energy efficiency, and high process stability.


  • RF Plasma Excitation
  • MF Plasma Excitation
  • DC Pulsed Plasma Excitation
  • DC Plasma Excitation


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