Plansee Electro-Graph

Plansee Electro-Graph

From the smallest spare part through to the complete ion source. For all wafer diameters and production technologies: With more than 2000 components for implanter systems, we are the world’s largest second source supplier for ion implantation.

This process for the manufacture of semiconductors takes place at high temperatures and in the presence of aggressive process gases and strong electromagnetic fields. For our components made of molybdenum, tungsten, graphite, ceramics and steel that’s not a problem. These ensure that the electrons are generated at temperatures of up to 1 400 °C and then channeled precisely along the beam path.

Overview of Products

  • Chambers (graphite, tungsten, molybdenum and alloys)
  • Filaments (tungsten and tungsten alloys)
  • Arc slits (graphite, tungsten, molybdenum and alloys)
  • Holders (tungsten, molybdenum and alloys)
  • Cathodes (tungsten, molybdenum and alloys)
  • End station (graphite)
  • Analyzer components (graphite)
  • Insulators (ceramics)
  • Spare parts (graphite, tungsten, molybdenum and alloys, ceramics, steel)

Overview of qualified OEM's

  • AIBT: istar
  • Applied Materials: 9000, 9200, 9200xR, 9500, 9500xR, Quantum, Quantum I, Quantum II, Quantum III, Quantum X, Quantum X+, Quantum xR, xR, xR/Leap, xR120, xR200, xR80
  • Varian Semiconductor Equipment (now Applied Materials): VIISta Trident, PLAD, VIISta HCS, VIISta HCP +/I, VIISta 80, E1000, VIISion 200, VIISion 200+, VIISion 80+, VIISta HC, 120-10, 120XP, 160XP, 180XP, 80XP, VIISta 3000, Genus, Kestrel, VIISta 810 XE/XER, VIISta 900 XPT, VIISion, E220, E500, VIISta 810, VIISta 810 XE, VIISta 900, VIISta 900XP, 300D, 300XP, 350D
  • Axcelis: GSD HC (200/200E/200E2), HC3, Ultra, Eterna, GSD 100, GSD 160A, GSD 200E, GSD 200E^2, GSD HC, GSD HC3, GSD III, GSD III LE, GSD LED, NV GSD, NV 10-160, NV 10-180, NV 10-80, Optima HD, ULE, Ultra, GSD HE, GSD VHE, GSD HE, GSD HE3, GSD VHE, Optima XE, Paradigm XE, NV 3206/3204, NV 6200, NV 8200, NV 8250, Optima MD
  • Nissin: NH80, PR80, Exceed 3000, CLARIS, EXCEED2000A/2000AH, EXCEED2300AV, EXCEED3000AH, EXCEED9600A, NH20, NH45
  • Ulvac: IH-860, IDZ-7000, IDZ-8001, IDZ-9001, IM-200, IW-630

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