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Global Innovations, is a division of SemiTorr.  Global Innovations is a sales division for the Life Sciences industry.


SemiTorr, Inc. announces cleaning division  (press release) 

PRESS RELEASE 5/28/2014 

SemiTorr Group, Inc announced it has acquired Walker Hi-Tech, Inc. (  (press release) 


Global Innovations acquires the distribution business of Alpha-Bio  (press release)








What's new  ...


  • SemiTorr acquires Walker Hi-Tech  ( release)
  • SemiTorr opens east coast operations in Allentown, PA and Albany, NY
  • SemiTorr expands with Valex on the east coast, Utah as well as Colorado and New Mexico
  • SemiTorr Expands with HIS to cover the entire US with 8 strategic distribution centers.
  • SemiTorr offers a wide variety of equipment, chemicals, and supplies for cleaning applications.  Please click here to learn more about our products.