Entegris CMP Filtration Solutions

Best-in-class, bulk slurry filter with ultra-high particle loading capacity for bulk processes in sub-45 nm technology nodes. Enables superior hard particle removal and gel retention performance to prevent micro scratches. OVERVIEW OF PRODUCTS PRODUCT DOWNLOAD Entegris Planargard® NMB Bulk CMP Filters Planargard® CL Filter Bulk CMP slurry filter for 65 nm or greater technology nodes […]

Entegris Planargem CMP Pad Conditioners

Micro-machined SiC substrate with conformal CVD diamond coating delivers long-life, highly uniform pad conditioning while minimizing substrate damage. Planargem® CMP Pad Conditioners offer leading-edge, customer-tailored performance across all aspects of the CMP Process.

Entegris Planarcore CMP Brushes

Planarcore® PVA Brushes are designed to deliver superior performance and wafer-to-wafer uniformity in post CMP wafer cleaning applications. The unique molded-through-the-core technology provides absolute adhesion of the PVA to the brush core, unlike standard PVA products that are merely friction fitted to the core.