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Since their initial market introduction in 2001, Tiger Optics’ Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) trace gas analyzers have supported the semiconductor industry and other micro-electronic manufacturing sectors, based on their superior sensitivity, great stability and unparalleled uptime. Free of periodic maintenance, with no moving parts or consumables, featuring built-in calibration and zero drift, Tiger’s CRDS analyzers are the top choice of the world’s leading semiconductor fabs. Based solely on experience with our analyzers, SEMI F-112 designates CRDS as THE standard in determining moisture dry-down characteristics of ultra-high-purity gases and their respective delivery systems.

Overview of Products

  • HALO
  • HALO 3
  • LaserTrace
  • CO-rekt
  • Prismatic 2
  • T-I Max
  • GO-cart
  • Serani Software
  • Serani Max Software
  • Speed + Analyzer Upgrades

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