ICS Wear Group

With a heavy focus on the mining industry, ICS products consist of the latest designs in high-performance pumping equipment for abrasive, corrosive, and erosive mining environments. The close working relationships and knowledge we’ve gleaned from our customers have allowed us to design and patent hundreds of new parts over the years. Parts that not only replace but outperform their pre-existing competitors.


  • Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps & Spare Parts
  • Heavy Duty Sump Pumps & Spare Parts
  • Wet End Rebuild Kits
  • Bearing Assemblies and rebuild kits
  • Ball Mill, Sag Mill and Rod Mill Liners and Hardware
  • Chutes, Skirtboard Liners, Loaf/Rim Liners and Feeder Pans
  • ICS 200 Ceramic Wear Epoxy
  • Custom Casting and Machining

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