SONOTEC Ultrasonic Solutions

SONOTEC sensors are designed to be non-invasive and non-intrusive and therefore are ideal to measure flow. In the semiconductor industry the compact sensors from SONOTEC play an important role in wafer manufacturing, particularly in wet processes where abrasives, adherent, and corrosive liquids are used.  

The SEMIFLOW CO.65 is a clamp-on-sensor designed to detect the flow rate of liquids in plastic tubing within a few milliseconds. The sensors have no contact to in the fluid path and are suitable for applications with strict hygienic and/or safety standards.


  • Contact and contamination-free flow measurement
  • Applicable for a wide-range of media/liquids
  • Clamp-on design enables simple tube insertion
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Reduces downtime in case of sensor changeout
  • No risk of leakage

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