Tiger Optics High Performance Gas Analyzers

Since their initial market introduction in 2001, Tiger Optics’ Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) trace gas analyzers have supported the semiconductor industry and other micro-electronic manufacturing sectors, based on their superior sensitivity, great stability and unparalleled uptime. Free of periodic maintenance, with no moving parts or consumables, featuring built-in calibration and zero drift, Tiger’s CRDS analyzers […]

Entegris Gas Purifiers

Entegris Gas Purifiers GateKeeper® GPU Gas Purifiers OUR GPU GAS PURIFIERS EFFICIENTLY REMOVE HALOGENATED GASES, HYDRIDES, REACTIVE OXIDES, SATURATED AND UNSATURATED HYDROCARBONS, FLUOROCARBONS, AND CHLOROCARBONS AT A VARIETY OF FLOW RATES. Purity to PPT levels Wide range of gas compatibility, including corrosive gases such as Cl2, HBr, HCl, CF4, SO2, SF6 The low-pressure drop across the […]

Entegris Gas Filters

Nickel, Stainless Steel and Teflon® Filter Technologies Entegris ultrapure gas filtration products offer 0.003-micron particle filtration for ultrapure gas applications. Wafergard® gas filters enable higher process gas throughput while reducing the overall gas box footprint. Please see the featured items below or download the latest catalog for complete listings. Wafergard III NF-750 In-Line Gas Filters […]